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Field Recording What was born from kiss and tell grew to vows on the carousel day in, day out full on faith full on doubt Feed the lamp it's kerosene tune the harp with a rusty key I'll dream you up a melody and sing it with all that's inside of me Ruth lays down to witness her own Field Recording Truth lays down and whispers and is captured on a Field Recording Sister Melinda's on the lam hiding from her confidence man every scheme has an easy mark he had her pegged from the very start Ruth lays down to witness her own Field Recording Truth lays down and whispers and is captured on a Field Recording Four generations cut down the trees you wouldn't cross this family but a holy brush fire charred the saw some believe it was an act of God Ruth lays down to witness her own Field Recording Truth lays down to whisper and is captured on a Field Recording Don't roll your eyes when you look at me I'm more of a man than what you see I stepped right up and missed the prize a fair game wears a thin disguise Ruth lays down to witness her own Field Recording Truth lays down and whispers and is captured on a Field Recording
Boom Chicka Boom Where in the world did you go? I never took you for the leaving kind a diamond a pearl some silver some gold give it all to you just give me more time you wrote on my cast our names in a heart you made it look like it was bleedin' plaster's not stone it falls apart near impossible to be reading Boom Chicka Boom Chicka Boom motor city radio sending up the rhythm and blues Clementine your strawberry wine made me crazy in the parlour shout out the light on an August night I'm as restless as a boat in the harbour I'll tell you this I never knew why you couldn't call me your lover secrets were told of angels on high devils and demons under covers Boom chicka boom chicka boom motor city radio sending up the rhythm and blues
Nothing About Us What i write and what i share to make you believe i truly care for you I'm uncertain cause every line and every word begins to sound a bit absurd so this silence, needs no repeating Just another flying crow cuts through the fleah and bone I'm tired of counting fool's gold and i yearn to fly with the north wind CHORUS: ooh it's all about you all about me but nothing about us Cold, cold linoleum i walk the floor waiting for him but I'm ten thousand miles in the future a dancing dress on the clothes line reminds me of another time before the fall in Eden Cherry blossom baby paid the tattoo lady to put on her shoulder that living was believing but she never felt a thing CHORUS: ooh it's all about you all about me, but nothing about us
Worry Floor 03:43
Worry Floor what would I do if you went away? there'd be no way i could learn to change I fear deep in my heart I would harbour pain I'd say, reconsider maybe another day CHORUS I'm not working the worry floor no more not working the worry floor I'm not working the worry floor no more not working the worry floor I will lay across the cold black rails and I will cut all of the canvas sails sweet talk rain god and conjure a perfect storm I'll do anything to keep you safe and warm CHORUS BRIDGE: Melodrama and contradictions eat your rhubarb pie it's all so messy crumbs a plenty leave the rest for crows
King Kong Strut Chorus: I'll tell you what he's got the King Kong Strut look at him strut He owns a lumber yard with 30 hungry men and he gives them cheap liquor that he waters down a bit well the founding father is his wife's dyin daddy who's lying on his deathbed struggling for one last breath he knocks off at work before the work whistle blows and he goes to the house where the girls all know his name Madame Tussard waters her front yard sees his new car blazin' in a trail of dust (she says) I got some pretty young flowers that you never done seen but put away your business of acting vicious and mean Zipped up, buttoned up, mint in freshen up get out clean gonna make it home before supper Daddy, daddy, daddy did you have a good day? did you hear about grandpa? he did pass away well the daughter of the founding father is sitting on a teeter totter thinking about love and how she don't get it (he said) your Daddy was a good man always lent a helping hand he took me in hope he didn't suffer well the founding father left a four line will and he didn't care who read it he took away the lumber yard and gave it to the men Madame Tussard driving a brand new Benz Blood, blood, living blood Pull them out from the sinking mud left them all the money and a book of revelations He packed his bags and he met the train head up straight singin, when the saints go marchin in
Heavy Weight Champion of the World Crashed the Chrysler heading down to the bay none the wiser there'd be more wrecks today blinded by the wonder of the days of steam and coal when the face of a lover was good as gold searching for Sinatra come fly come fly with me strike up the orchestra blue eyed symphony radio dial numbers give away no clues static sounds like thunder nothing's cutting through Chorus: Hold on to nothing new I'm the undefeated, Heavyweight Champion of the World Hold on to nothing new I'm the undisputed, Heavyweight Champion of the world Californ I A your letter came in the post i love your shy way but i don't care for the coast No natural disaster would bring you home whatever your after, I don't know if you know
There was A Girl There was a girl, there was a girl that I'd remember and when she smiled, she smiled a smile that made me better she post my bail, she post my bail with her last nickel and when she cried, and when she cried i died a little There was a girl, there was a girl She had a way, she had a way to light the darkness she'd walk with me, she'd walk with me and killed the sadness she took me in, she took me in and gave me shelter she had no doubt, she had no doubt about me with her She's just a girl, she's just a girl that started a story of her ragged man, her ragged man and his bygone glory she went away, she went to the long forgotten she went away There was a girl, there was a girl
WEIGH ME DOWN I bare my worry from a box sealed up with string under the floorboard in a house I never leave Come to me come back to bed you've got plenty of hours left to sleep let it be tossing and turning you're too old for counting sheep It's April blue moon I hear the rivers runnin high the food's at the front door the money's in the jar It's some easy come some easy easy go go baby let's spin on our last thin dime burn it up is it true what they say about us living one life at a time? CHORUS I told you i would be a soldier carry on my shoulders nothing nothing that would weigh me down I would be a soldier carry on my shoulders nothing nothing that would weigh me down I hear a siren I hear a dog bark I hear a phone a ringing I hear the fireworks in the park I'm sorry for so many things that I don't know where I should begin I have of you your ashes to scatter I can't release to the wind CHORUS bread and some marmalade a paper and warm tea there's a picture above the bureau of a ship lost at sea here I stand still and still waiting for something to show me dry land so it be this tossing and turning is just something I don't understand CHORUS
Big Bill Broonzy Big Bill Broonzy died the world went cold for awhile they laid him to rest in Illinois more than a man went in that soil Big Bill Broonzy played on his triple 0 28 she lost track of time and missed her train he took her in and kept her safe the finest stitch,the toughest knot slowly comes undone but no one can change this strange kind of love Big Bill Broonzy cried he had to go back home stateside he put a lock of her hair in his guitar wherever he'd go she'd be far Big Bill Broonzy missed his son he loved him liked he loved no one ocean was deep, ocean was wide he'd get back to him, back in time The finest stitch the toughest knot slowly comes undone but no one can change this strange kind of love
JOHNNY DOLLAR missed the wink missed the joke missed the fire missed the smoke missed the bus missed the train missed the sun missed the rain missed the slip missed the code missed the mark missed the road missed the bride missed the groom missed the bouquet missed the tune CHORUS Johnny Dollar Johnny Johnny Dollar got my ticket for the picture show Johnny Dollar Johnny Johnny Dollar get there early fore the lights go low get there early before the lights go low Johnny Johnny Dollar missed the 5 missed the 4 missed the 3,2,1 missed the New Years roar missed the sign missed the turn missed the need missed to yearn missed the heart missed the soul missed the rhythm missed the flow missed the ballot missed the vote missed the kingdom missed the throne CHORUS missed the kiss missed the touch missed the feel missed the blush missed the father missed the son missed the ghost missed no one missed the drama missed the scene missed the parade missed the homecoming queen missed by a second missed by an inch missed by a heartbeat missed in a flinch CHORUS
BRING ME DOWN If you're looking for me baby I'm high on the hill I don't want too come down don't think I ever will (cause) here i own the sunshine and bathe with each star I'm so close to heaven I can hear St.Peter's harp Don't you bring me down don't bring me down there's just so many stones too climb up on Don't you bring me down When I look down at the valley I know where you live Why you leave the light on? Is someone dropping in? Did you get my letters? Did you get my calls? Monday thru Sunday You got me pacing the halls Well I'm walking after midnight I'm heading down the hill I'll be standing in your doorway before the sun takes away this chill Nobody answers where have you gone? when I look through your window the light's no longer on chorus


In other hands the sound could well have been monotonous but Breit and band along with producer Thomas Dooley III, get every little bit of variation in sound out of the instruments without having to process anything, such is the expertise on display on these eleven diverse Breit penned songs that contain varied tempos and  themes.
America Roots UK

The vocal performance and progression in each song gives the songs a complete twist to what you might be expecting on a mandolin Orchestra album. Kevin surely makes this album stand out in comparison to what you might listen in your everyday life.
Kingston Music Review

Breit manages the seemingly incongruous, material that sounds familiar yet utterly unlike anything else, and the results are endlessly fascinating. It's brainy and challenging but packs a powerful emotional punch. 
Not for everyday listening, perhaps, but there's a glimpse of genius at work here, and it's well worth checking out.  Recommended!
John Taylor Blinded By Sound


released January 20, 2013

Vocals: Kevin Breit
background vocals: Mark Lalama, Sue Patrick Breit, Garth Breit, Gwen Swick, Trudy Artman
Produced and Arranged: Thomas Dooley III

Mandolins: Sarah Corteur, Bradley Chaput, Mel Johnson, Candice Sandino, Keith Dooley, Vincent Tallon

Mandolas: Peter Galkin, Mario Sandino, Susan Hartwick, Ron Litton

Mandocellos: Robert Noonan, Cory Delisle, Ron Litton

Double Bass; Russell Boswell

Songs: Kevin Breit


all rights reserved



Kevin Breit Toronto, Ontario

Here it is in a nutshell. I am Canadian and I apologize a lot. Sometimes for things I did not break or did not say. I guess what matters most here is that I love making music and I am strictly unapologetic for what I make available for you here. Sorry.

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