Ernesto and Delilah (featuring Rebecca Jenkins)

by Kevin Breit

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"Then's there's the rather other-worldly sensation caused by listening to two albums of mandolin music. I doubt Breit is bold enough to suggest he's invented new folk music, so I'll do it for him."

Bob Mersereau the top 100 Canadian Singles

"Typically adventurous and compelling stuff."
Kerry Doole New Canadian

"This collection is truly like a paired couple, interwoven and distinct. Within the music are all the nuances of romance, passion and interrelationship of two real people sharing a life together. It’s really quite amazing."

Eric Peterson, Rust Magazine

".. the mandolin orchestration finds its niche in the service of great songs and singing."
Kristin Cavoukian, Exclaim Magazine

"But there is much to savour here, in both the performing and writing of these two sets of songs."
Lonesome Highway


released April 14, 2015


*Mandolins: Sarah Corteur, Bradley Chaput, Mel Johnson, Candice Sandino, Keith Dooley, Vincent Tallon

Mandolas: Peter Galkin, Mario Sandino, Susan Hartwick, Ron Litton

Mandocellos: Robert Noonan, Cory Delisle, Ron Litton

Double Bass; Russell Boswell

Percussion: Howie Southwood

special guests: Cyro Baptista : Percussion
Gregoire Maret: Harmonica


Vocals: Kevin Breit and Rebecca Jenkins

*Upper York Mandolin Quartet: Kevin Breit

Bass: Russell Boswell

Percussion: Davide DiRenzo

*Produced by Thomas Dooley III
recorded by *Robert Everland at Everland Sound
'Ernesto' was mixed by *Robert Everland
mastered by Philip Victor Bova at Bova Sound , Ottawa
'Delilah' was mixed and mastered by David Travers Smith at Found Sound, Toronto
Original Art by Ryan Price
Design by Nick Craine

*DISCLAIMER-Kevin is The Upper York Mandolin Orchestra, Thomas Dooley iii, Ernesto Ciari, Robert Everland.


all rights reserved



Kevin Breit Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Dance with Delilah
Dance with Delilah

I heard the mission bell blues today
it rang so clear I couldn't turn away
I went looking for you
Looking for you
You're a brother, you're a kindred soul
we keep on fighting like it's world war four
Forget it baby
Let's just forget it

Dance with Delilah

Let's burn the clippings from the treasure chest
smoke takes the words up to the west
of the valley
west of the valley
Here's a picture when we were in school
the girl you loved, yeah i loved her too
I'm sorry
I'm so sorry

Dance with Delilah

Keep the money keep the real estate
Go back to bed and sleep in late
I'm heading out tomorrow
heading out tomorrow
You were the favourite of the shipwrecked crew
when the going went tough we looked to you
To get us off the island
off the island
Dance with Delilah
Track Name: Murderous Dimitri
Murderous Dimitri

seven silver buttons
running down your back
oh lord, oh lord
i can't think of that
cause i'm picking
tobacco and there is no sun
jake legged boss man tells me when i'm done

cold wind
fanning the embers trying to keep a good fire alive

county line after county line
i drive blind behind the wheel
dear friend amphetamine bringing out the best in me

murderous Dimitri
dances with the trembling hands
pass me over
like the winds across the sands
Track Name: From the Flood
From the Flood
let's move up from the flood
' 'cause the river's still raging
let's move up from the flood
where every sinner is set free
let's move up from the flood
there's a home for you and me
let's move up from the flood,from the flood
well your brother has bad blood
he'll go down in infamy
well your brother has bad blood
lock him up and lose the key
well your brother has bad blood
watch your back he guns for me
well your brother has bad blood, has bad blood
I can't give you much
here's an orange I peeled for you
I can't give you much
here's a lace for your shoe
I can't give you much
the song I share is true
I can't give you much, give you much
the river's long gone
let's go home to the valley
the river's long gone
it drained to the sea
the river's long gone
there's no more what used to be
the river's long gone, long gone
Track Name: A Calvary Tune
Henry Marx came alone
brought with him a marxophone
he said take it a while
it's sure to cure your ills
I said my baby busted her heart so bad
she cried every tear she's had
she's got herself a rainbow of pills
Henry Marx he shut the door
left a case on the floor
I went after him but he was long gone
a note said play to your hearts content
you'll wonder where the hours went
play these 3 chords all night long
G D E child
CHORUS: I'm sorry for the pain that i cause you
we're here with the Calvary Blues
the world's gone crazy
what else can we do?
We're here with the Calvary Blues
Henry Marx doesn't pick up the phone
I left a message after the tone
come back Henry, tell what to do
She jumped outta bed, put her hands in the air
she said God Almighty there's a fire in here
she kicked down the door she's gone like yesterdays news
I picked up the box with the mighty strings
symphony slam of three chord rings
lay your weary bones and sing G D E child CHORUS
Track Name: Ghost of California
Ghosts Of California

I told my lover, I said to her in kind
She deserved better, leave them tears behind
Free to do anything, now it's your turn
see the world in all it's rags ,see it in it's fur
here's to you my cherry bomb, here's to you my queen
we went well together like two fools up on the screen
Get yourself a dandy who's nothing like me
an elusive man of mystery, kind king of intrigue

Ghosts of California
Ghosts of what I can afford you
Ghosts of California

If you love somebody then let them go
whoever said that doesn't fucking know
a dusty, old cliche wades in the hours of yearning
thirsty, hearted lover sees no sign of her returning
my mind is ticking from the red blood vine
raindrops on the metal roof drum out a second line
Steve McQueen, the father, the one I never knew
stands amongst the shadows in the room I laid with you

Ghosts of California
Ghosts of what I can afford you
Ghosts of California

Wing walker baby on the Ghost of California
she's eyeing the flyer from the Rose of Pretoria
the great Ethel Dare and the Michigan horizon
she don't give a damn she don't give a reason
for no safety line no parachute and no net to catch her
there is no past there is no future
I see her body bathing naked in a porcelain tub
I shudder to remember I lift my head up

Ghosts of California
Track Name: Alberta Hunter
Alberta Hunter

I did it to myself should take it on the chin
there's hardship everywhere I've been
so cold oh mercy
a little fire won't do
dreaming of a Mississippi hot afternoon
I spent my money and sold my car
all i have is this guitar
E is flat
and B is too
singing Alberta Blues

Alberta Blues

Numbskull Freddy had a quick, cash plan
(he said) no need to worry you're going to be a rich man
but the law got wise and shut it down
Freddy's bird sang
but my bird flew south
six month stand in a prairie jail
her perfumed letter came in the mail
she's headed east
she's gotta cut loose
to try and shake Alberta Blues

Alberta Blues
Greyhound milk run crawling east
to a Halifax skyline where she waits for me
she said it hasn't been easy
her hearts split in two
and she's crying Alberta Blues
Alberta Blues
Track Name: Foolish Kind
Foolish Kind

Jesus shook when the elevator died
between the 10th and 11th floor
he could here is Maria crying
somewhere from the corridor
he dreams a shiny sun and a deep blue sea
and a parade winding down a hill
there's jolts and sputters and grinding steel
but the lift delivers him still

foolish kind
foolish kind
cry from the darkness
so no one can see you
foolish kind
foolish kind
cry from the wilderness
so no one can hear you

Maria, she dangles
one leg from a fire escape edge
she takes a long draw from a cigarette
silence is a privilege
rodeo radio is tuned in loud
her spell has broken down
she rises and crawls into her bedroom window
and remembers that he is gone, gone, gone
She's on the line to Carolina
thinking of going home
she used to call herself his little marionette
now she's tangled to the bone
Track Name: Rang A Lang
and so it goes, the post was closed I didn't get your letter
tell me did you curse my soul? or tell me did you love me whole?
we toss and we turn, we freeze and we burn
easy gets so harder
lone star off the interstate is just another light far away
the city's gone ghost town it's not pretty since you've been gone
and I keep to myself, there is nobody else
Rang a lang the angels sang, it's over
honey it's funny how the money goes
the wolves are in the shadows howling' at a paper moon
hold the hope they're leaving soon
we're ripped and torn, we're sad and worn
we can't thread another needle
we tiptoe around the holes we've made
but we can fall I'm not afraid
Gabriel drag his rusty horn
he can't remember what he used it for
he thinks to himself, he's been put on the shelf
Rang a lang the angels sang it's over
I'll show you when we row the boat ashore
there can be a Hallelujah let the rain hammer down
on a world that wants to drown
Sold my soul not for coal nor gold but to keep you warm
take you in from the cold I think to myself
is there nobody else?
Rang a lang the angels sang it's over
Track Name: Come On Home
Come On Home

Put a bid on a chicken bone eaten by a queen in France
Got a line on a dictaphone used before the market crashed
A suped-up five speed riding bull, a poker-faced cockatoo
a cellar full of wine-dandelion a prize fighting kangaroo
Vile after vile from the river Nile from a late night tv show
30 dirty rusty monkeys, wind them up and watch them go
Come on Home ,Come on Home
I've got so much too give you

Come on Home
Come on Home, Come on Home
i'm so lost without you
Come on Home

Diamond studded pacifier, Aerosol pool room scent
day glow painted bowling pins with faces of presidents
Lethal weapon jewelry tucked in a Gucci purse
hanging bags of rosaries in a thunder bolt hearts
A shoe box filled with lucky rabbit feet
a bomb shelter low on rent
a two year supply of rusty canned mean
a suit of leatherette
Track Name: Cut Me Down
Cut Me down to Nothing

The egg had broke
the scheme had hatched
a man lay bloody on his back
so grandiose, so adios amigo
she called it quick and she called it good
she was right about the boys in the neighbourhood
she said, lay down low and you will be forgotten
But i beat my chest
and i cursed the gods
and i band together brothers of a different blood
and i saw the world as a place of glorious torment

Cut me down to nothing
strip away the blues
tell me about the goodness
that i may learn from you

Strange fruit rolls from Lady Day
you kind of look like her in a certain way
so i bought you a white gardenia
i hurt so many and i loved so few
before i'd tell my confessors what was really true
i'd strike a match and watch the church fall to ashes
Cut me down to nothing
strip away the blues
tell me about the goodness
that i may learn from you

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